Upcycling Donation FAQ

Q. Is this a “cash for gold” service?

A. No. This is an upcycling service for new or like new fashion items that will be painted and donated to the local community. 

 Q. Who pays for shipping?

A. Items shipped to Jen Stone Design will be paid for by you. If you are unable to ship the items yourself, please reach out to to see how I can help!

Q. I'm unsure if my item can be upcycled, how can I be sure?

A. I'm looking for new or like new garments, please take a photo of your unwanted item & e-mail it to Jen at


Terms and Conditions


By using Jen Stone Design's upcycling service you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

1. By using Jen Stone Design's service you confirm that -

  • You are the legal owner of all items
  • You are violating no laws
  • Not sending items for or on behalf of a third party
  • You are over 18 years of age

2. You are completely responsible for cost & shipping arrangements of items sent to Jen Stone Designs. We will not be held responsible for any items lost in transit to us.

Items are reviewed based on

  • Material type (leather, suede etc.)
  • Condition (any surface scratches, dent or scuffs)
  • Quantity (amount of goods sent)

3. Jen Stone Design reserved the right to modify these T's & C's with immediate effect and without notification.

4. These Terms & Conditions work in conjunction with out main T's & C's. This agreement is for use with our Upcycling service only.