What should I be mindful of when shopping?

I don't cover up my flaws, and neither should you! Each piece is perfectly imperfect. My design process is intuitive and gestural; a balance between planned and sporadic elements that give each piece a unique flare. 

What kind of paint do you use?

I use an acrylic based paint meant for leather surfaces that won’t crack, smudge, or wash off in the rain. The paint will age as your leather ages.

How do I take care of my purchase?

If your piece needs to be cleaned, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Don't pick or scrub at the painted portions and don't use anything abrasive on it. The items are made to be worn and loved.

If the jacket needs to be dry-cleaned, ask them to stick to the lining and spot clean the exterior.

The paint is durable and has been topped with a finisher to protect the work, but it is still artwork that has been done by hand and should be treated delicately.

Can I donate something to be painted on?

Yes! I accept new and like new items. Please email me at so we can chat about logistics. Any item that is donated will be repurposed and donated to a loving home for free as part of my #seamsthatgive mission. The purpose is to raise each other up and give back. 

Are the items in your shop new or recycled?

All items are new except if specifically noted otherwise. I have a collection called "sustainability" leveraging thrifted or discounted pieces. 

I am dedicated to crafting statement garments that outlast trends and seasons while having a minimal impact on the planet. My future goal is to only sell pre-loved garments, reimagined as part of my mission.

What is the process for ordering a custom piece?

You provide the item—anything your little leather-loving heart desiresand we'll work together to come up with a design. If you're interested, please reach out to for availability.

I can build off of any existing designs you see in my shop or we can dream up something totally unique and custom just for you. If you're really adventurous, send in a garment and I'll surprise you! Pricing is based on intricacy of design and it takes about 15 business days to turn each piece around depending on my availability.

Can I paint on the leather? Yes! All my pieces are faux leather unless noted.

Can you paint on denim? Yes! It just limits the design quite a bit. The paint soaks in so differently on denim than it does on leather that it's hard to get those fine lines and intricate details but the fabric can still be flexible.

Do you paint men's jackets? I don’t stock men’s jackets but I absolutely can paint a custom piece!

What about shipping materials? As a start to reach my goal of sustainable fashion, I am trying to recycle boxes and packing material, so your package might come to your home with a little more wear and tear but with a reduced carbon footprint and a whole lot of love.