About Jen

Wearable art for everyone.

Jen Stone Design

I've made it my mission to bring a graphic flair to every day staples for every one. I believe that fashion allows you to step out of your comfort zone and shine. To show the world who you are... and who you want to be. It's time to raise each other up and not be afraid to express ourselves through what we wear.

All of the customizable jackets, hats, and accessories you'll find here are hand painted in the USA. Each piece is carefully and meticulously crafted and completely unique, just like you.

A portion of all sales will go to support #seamsthatgive, which focuses on gender equality and women supporting women by amplifying their voices in our communities.


About Jen

I had never put a ‘why’ behind my love for art, it has just always been a part of me. 

My mom would tell you, she knew my love for art and fashion was apparent when I was 3 years old, putting on dresses and spinning around the room. 

In my mind, art just was.

As a surprise for my 10th birthday, my mom let me skip school to attend the Syracuse University fashion show - the senior fashion major’s final collection - their thesis.

The rush that came through me when the lights dimmed down and the music started can NEVER be replicated. As designs started to appear on the runway, I was in complete awe.

At that moment I discovered that you could take a flat, simple piece of fabric and make movement, design, and architecture all in one.

To say I was hooked is an understatement. I left that show with only one goal in mind - I was going to show a collection on that same runway. Fashion became my voice. Through creating, I could show the world who I was and who I wanted to be. Feeling inspired, I went home and created my fashion brand “Schön” which means beautiful in german. How cool is it that 25 years later I can incorporate the name into my brand but more importantly, with the same purpose?

Twelve years after my first fashion show, I graduated with my BFA in Fashion Design and was given the opportunity to enter the design world as a graphic designer.

Beyond the runway, I’ve been able to grow in the digital realm and lead teams of designers, developers, writers, social media strategists and web enthusiasts to design solutions for brands and causes.

Now as an adult, I've found my voice in other ways than just art. I've learned even if I sound different or feel different, I can take up space, and not just be the quiet girl in the corner of the room listening in. 

My passions are still the same, my dedication to creating still happens every day - it just looks a little different.